• Who is eligible to apply for a Maid-foreign domestic worker?

    *All Singaporean citizens, Permanent Residents, and expatriates* who hold valid employment or work passes are eligible to hire a Maid as long as they have a valid reason to employ a Maid at their residence. The application is subject to MInistry of Manpower’s approval.

  • What documents are required to submit to Ministry of Manpower for application of Maid?

    • Last 2 years of Notice of Assessment.
    • IC/Birth Certificates of Applicants + Members staying in the same household + Certificate of Employment Orientation Programme.
    • For additional Maid or replacement, we would require the work permit particulars of the existing/previous Maid.
  • What is the levy for a Maid?

    There are 3 types of levies -

    • *Basic $300* (1st helper)
    • *Basic $450* (2nd helper)
    • *Concessionary $60* (1st helper)
  • How to qualify for Levy concession for a Maid?

    As an Employer, you can qualify for levy concession if you live with any of the following eligible person who is a *Singapore citizen*:

    • Young child below 16 years old.
    • Elderly person who is at least 67 years old.
    • Person with disabilities (PWD) must be certified by Singapore-registered doctor to require help with at least 1 activity of daily living (ADL), such as showering, feeding, dressing or toileting.

    The levy concession for 1 helper is granted based on 1 eligible person in the household. It is capped at 2 helpers per household.

    Concession levy applications are subject to Ministry of Manpower‘s approval.

  • What is the mandatory *Security Bond* for Maid?

    It is a government-required insurance policy that every Employer is required to purchase as an employer.

    Besides buying medical insurance & Personal Accident Insurance, Employer must buy a *$5000 security bond for each maid except for* Malaysian maids.

    Employer is responsible for the repatriation of each Maid In the event, employer failed to repatriate his/her Maid after cancellation of his/her work permit, employer will face the risk of losing the * $5000 Security Deposit Bond* which is pledge against Ministry of Manpower.

  • Under what circumstances, *The $5000 Security Deposit Bond * will be forfeited?

    It is a government-required insurance policy that every Employer is required to purchase as an employer.

    Employers’ *Security Deposit Bond will be forfeited* if any of these happens:

    • Employer or Maid violates any of the work permit or security bond conditions.
    • Employer don't pay Maid salary on time.
    • Employer fail to send Maid home when her work permit is expired, revoked or cancelled.
    • In the event, Maid goes missing.
  • Whose is responsible to update the followings:

    Employer is responsible to notify Ministry of Manpower of changes during your Maids’ employment, including changes of residential address and passport details, *pregnancy* if she is missing or has passed away.

  • What is the mandatory *Medical Insurance* & *Personal Accident Insurance* requirements for Maid?

    Employer must buy Medical Insurance with a coverage of at least $60,000 per year for impatient care & day surgery & hospitalisation costs during the Maids’ stay in Singapore & *Personal Accident Insurance* purchased for the each Maid must have a sum assured of at least $60,000 per year. It covers in *permanent disability* or *death*.

    We strongly recommend Employer to upgrade the insurance package for better coverage of medical bills.

  • Where can the *Stay-Home Notice* (SHN) be served?

    • Employers’ residence (Subject to MOM’s approval)
    • Self-Source Hotel
    • Service Apartment
  • What happens if my new Maid gets Covid-19? Who pays for the cost?

    Employers of each Maid is responsible for the Covid-19 treatment costs. Employer should ensure each Maid has *Medical Insurance* coverage which meets the MOM requirements. (Pls refer to the above FAQ on *mandatory Medical Insurance requirements.)

  • What if each Maid Covid-19/Omicon treatment cost exceeds the insurance coverage, must Employer pay for the excess amount?

    Yes, Employer must pay for the excess amount. This is a requirement under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

  • Where can I find more information that is not listed here.

    Please refer to Ministry of Manpower website.

  • How many off days do The Maids entitled?

    Maids are able to work without off-days in lieu of compensation, however by Dec 2022, Maids are mandatory to have 1 off day per month.

  • Are Maid’s loan refundable?

    Yes, it will be refundable to Employer on a pro-rated basis.
    However Employer will need to pay the upfront loan for each Maid first, but will get it back via Maids monthly salary.