We Do Supply The Following Nationalities

Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)

  • Passport Burma

    Burma (FDW)

  • Passport Philipino

    Philipino (FDW)

  • Passport Indonesian

    Indonesian (FDW)

  • Passport Cambodian

    Cambodian (FDW)

Foreign Worker (FW)

  • Passport Malaysian

    Malaysian (FW)

  • Passport Chinese

    PRC(Chinese) (FW)

  • Passport Vietnamese

    Vietnamese (FW)

  • Passport Indian

    Indian (FW)

  • Passport Bangladeshi

    Bangladeshi (FW)

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We provide a very comprehensive service package which is from the pre hiring to the post hiring of the maid, to provide the best and complete service to our clients. We train maids for Infant Care, Elderly Care, General Housework and Cooking.

Our maids can be interviewed via WhatsApp, Skype or Telephone. We believe in providing you with integrity, efficient and reliable services. They will be personally interviewed and handpicked by our Person-In-Charge, Kay.